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SupportCentre Overview

The SupportCentre is single point of contact to communicate with the QuantityWare team – and the method used by the QuantityWare team to communicate with you.

For any QuantityWare queries, please use the SupportCentre to get in touch.

Ticket List

The SupportCentre contains a list of all outstanding tickets belonging to your organisation(s), along with any tickets you’ve begun to raise but are still in draft form.

You can access the Ticket List as follows:

  • Click “SupportCentre” in the navigation menu
  • Select “Ticket List”

The Ticket List will display. Click on any ticket listed to open it.

You can modify the view as described below:

Submitting a Ticket

To submit a ticket to the QuantityWare team, please follow the steps below:

  • Create a new ticket, by doing one of the following:
    • From any screen, select “SupportCentre” in the navigation menu, then select “New Ticket”
    • From the Ticket List, click the “+ New Ticket” button

The “New Ticket” screen will be displayed (see right):

  • Select a customer (if applicable – this is only available if you have roles across multiple customers)
  • Select a category (see Ticket Category List later in this section)

The screen will refresh, and some additional information will be displayed (see left).

You’ll see a Subject field, along with a Details / Comments text area, and (optionally, depending on the ticket category) a System drop down field.

A new “Submit Ticket” button will be available, and (optionally) you’ll see a tab named “Attachments”.

To complete and submit the ticket:

  • Set the priority (if required)
  • Change the default subject so that it provides a better summary of your enquiry
  • Select a system (if applicable – this is only available for certain technical categories of ticket)
  • Enter the details of your inquiry.

NOTE: Please make this as descriptive as possible – the more detail you provide, the faster we’ll be able to resolve your issue and it will reduce the chance of us needing to ask you further questions.

Attach any supporting documentation (if applicable) as follows:

  • Click the “Attachments” tab
  • Click the “+ Add File” button
  • Select your file and click “Open” / “Add”.
  • The file will be uploaded. Please wait until complete.
  • Repeat steps b and c for any additional files you wish to add

File Checksums

  • Every file uploaded to the portal has a unique SHA-512 “checksum” generated for it.
  • This checksum helps protect against modifications to the file after upload, during the download process (a “man in the middle” attack), or after downloading.
  • To copy a checksum of a file in the Portal, click the “Checksum” icon next to the file name. This will copy the file name, file size and SHA-512 checksum to your clipboard.
  • You can use a tool such as Hashtab to ensure the integrity of files downloaded from the portal, by comparing the checksum of your copy of the file with the originally generated checksum.

Click “Submit Ticket” in the Action bar to submit your ticket to the QuantityWare team.

You’ll receive an email to confirm that your ticket has been submitted. You can view your ticket at any time via the Ticket List. See below for more details regarding viewing – and replying to – tickets.

Saving your Ticket

  • If you wish to save your ticket but not submit it yet, click “Save Draft” (and click “Cancel” if prompted to submit).
  • This will save your ticket as a draft, which you can later access via the Ticket List and submit (or delete!) as required.

Deleting your Ticket

  • If you don’t wish to keep your ticket, you can permanently delete it (and any attached files) by clicking the “Delete Ticket” button and confirming.

Ticket Notifications

Whenever any of the following actions occur, you’ll receive an email to your primary email address (this matches the email address you log into the Portal with):

  • Ticket raised (by you)
  • Ticket assigned to you
  • Comment added to ticket (when currently assigned to you)
  • Ticket actioned by QuantityWare

Each notification above contains details of any recent changes to the ticket, and a direct link to the ticket.

Opening a Ticket

To open any ticket, either click the link in a notification email for the ticket or perform the following steps:

  • Click “SupportCentre” in the navigation menu
  • Select “Ticket List”
  • Find the ticket you require (using the filters if required)
  • Click on the ticket to edit it

The ticket will now open, ready for you to view, reply to and/or make changes to. There are various tabs, as shown below:

Each tab provides certain information / functionality:

  • Overview – This provides you with a summary of the ticket and the current ticket status
  • Edit & Reply – Use this to enter any comments to the ticket, reassign the ticket to the QuantityWare team or colleague, modify the ticket priority or close the ticket
  • History – View all comments and changes made to the ticket since raising
  • Attachments – Download, add and delete attached files on the ticket
  • Delete – Permanently delete the ticket (only available for tickets you have raised)

Locked Ticket

  • If another person currently has the ticket opened, you will see notices stating that the ticket has been locked by that person (or the QW Team):
  • You won’t be able to make changes to the ticket until they release the lock (either by saving changes or leaving the ticket editor).
  • You’ll be notified as soon as they release the lock, and will be able to select “Edit Ticket” on the Ticket screen to edit it

Viewing a Ticket without Locking It

  • If you expect someone else to edit the ticket shortly, and you don’t want to lock the ticket to yourself, you can view the ticket.
  • To do this, just right-click on a ticket in the list and select “View Ticket”.
  • If you prefer, you can configure the Portal to open tickets in “View Mode” by default – on the Ticket List, click the edit icon (to the top right of the list) and select “Click to View”.
  • Note: If you wish to edit a ticket when viewing it, just click the “Edit Ticket” button at the top of the ticket screen.

Editing / Replying to a Ticket

To edit and/or reply to a ticket, perform the following steps:

  • Open the Ticket (see “Opening a Ticket”)
  • Click the “Edit & Reply” tab

The Edit & Reply tab will be displayed (see below):

  • Optionally, change who the ticket should be assigned to using the “Assign to” drop-down list.

Default Ticket Assignment

  • If you open a ticket that’s assigned to you, then by default the ticket will be set to reply to the person who assigned you the ticket.
  • If you open a ticket that’s assigned to another person, then by default the ticket will be kept assigned to the other person when saved.

  • Enter a comment in the “Your Comment” field
  • If you’re replying to a ticket (i.e. the ticket will be reassigned once you save) you must write a comment!

  • Optionally, change the ticket status (you can close a ticket using this method – or reopen a ticket if required)
  • Optionally, if required, click on the Attachments tab and upload any file that may have been requested
  • Click “Update Ticket” in the Action Bar (at the bottom of the screen)

The ticket will be updated and reassigned if appropriate. If reassigned, the person who the ticket has been assigned to will be sent a notification email.

After saving the ticket, you will be returned to the Ticket List.

Deleting a Ticket

If you raised a ticket in error and wish to permanently delete it, perform the steps below to delete it.

  • Open the Ticket (see Opening a Ticket)
  • Click the “Delete” tab
  • Click “Delete Ticket”
  • Click “OK” in the confirmation dialogue

The ticket will be permanently deleted, and you will be returned to the Ticket List.

Close Ticket Instead?

  • Deleting a ticket permanently removes the ticket and any attachments from the SupportCentre, so only do this is you are certain you will not need to refer to it in future.
  • If the ticket has been actioned (or rejected) and you wish to close it, set the Status to “Closed” via the Edit & Reply tab instead.

Ticket Category List

To help us quickly address your queries, selecting the appropriate ticket category is important. Please see below for a list of the ticket categories available:

  • Agreement – Discuss matters relating to agreements / contracts with QuantityWare
  • Calculation Error – Report calculation errors, or request assistance in resolving calculation issues
  • Consultant Enquiry – Discuss consultant-specific matters. Only available to certified QuantityWare Consultants
  • Development – Ask questions relating to the development of QuantityWare-supported solutions
  • Financial – Discuss matters relating to invoice payments and financial arrangements
  • Installation / Technical – Request assistance with installation and configuration of QuantityWare
  • Portal Issue – Report any errors or difficulties you experience when using the Portal
  • Security – Discuss issues regarding security
  • System Limit Change – Request an increase (or decrease!) of the maximum systems permitted for your organisation in the Portal
  • Test Agreement Extension – Request a short extension of usage keys on a test agreement (available to those with technical role)
  • Trial Usage Key Extension – Request a short extension for trial usage keys on a productive (usage) agreement (available to those with technical role)
  • General / Non-Software – For all other matters

Some tickets can’t be directly accessed via the SupportCentre. These are listed below:

  • Contact Changes – To request changes to contacts, use the Contacts Manager (Customer → Contacts Manager) to make the required changes and click “Request Changes”
  • Installation Addition – To request additional installations, use the Systems Manager (Customer → Systems Manager) to add your desired installations, add a reason for the addition and click “Save Changes”
  • Usage Questionnaire – To submit your organization’s annual questionnaire, use the online Usage Questionnaire form (Log In Page → Usage Questionnaire) to submit an updated questionnaire.

Can’t Find a Category?

  • Depending on the role you’ve been assigned for your customer, and whether your customer’s agreement is invalid, some of the options above may not be available.

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