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BCS 3.0 – Next CSP Delivery Date

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The planned delivery date for the next QuantityWare BCS 3.0 CSP (CSP02 on ECC 600, CSP01 on S4/HANA) has been set to Q3 2021. This CSP will contain:

  • New automated monitoring capabilities for the BCS Installation Test, License Expiry and Automated Test Scenarios.
  • New multiple-document analysis and monitoring options for PMC and GMC Business Document Analysis functions.
  • All advanced developments of BCS supported measurement standards updates and revisions:
    ASTM D1250-19, ASTM D1550-18 , ASTM D1555-2016 , ISO 6578:2017 , AGA Report No. 8 – 2017 and ISO 6976:2016.
    All required continuous improvement developments and template data extensions as described in individual news items.
    Additional measurement standards update-related advanced developments will be included too.
  • A renovated and enhanced BCS Template (client 045 Installation) based on our 14 years of experience and feedback from certified BCS consultants.
  • All notes delivered after BCS 3.0 CSP01 on ECC 600 / CSP00 on S/4 HANA, which are listed in Note 000067.

The detailed Release Notes for this CSP will be published in Q2 2021.