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v6.0.0 (2021-03-20)

SUpportCentre “Conversations”

The Support Centre has been enhanced with new “Conversations” functionality, which provides the following improvements:

  • Ticket Lock Removal
    • Multiple Contacts can edit a Ticket simultaneously
  • Dynamic Replies / Editing
    • On sending a reply to a Ticket, or changing the status of a Ticket, any Contacts viewing the Ticket will be immediately notified
  • Enhanced Email Notifications
    • Contact details are now stored at Customer, not Role, level
    • This makes data entry / maintenance easier, and permits the simplified Role selection above
  • “Following” Tickets
    • Users may choose to “Follow” a Ticket, meaning they will receive notifications of all changes on the Ticket, even if it is not currently assigned to them
    • On raising a Ticket, or replying to a Ticket, following is automatically enabled. This can subsequently be disabled within the Ticket
  • “Copying” Contacts
    • If desired, a Contact may “copy” other Contacts from their Customer on a Ticket
    • As with following, a copied Contact will receive notifications of all changes on a Ticket, regardless of assignment
    • Any Portal Contact on the Customer may add/remove themselves or others from the copied list
    • Only Portal Contacts may be copied currently
  • Better Drag & Drop support
    • Multiple files may be dragged-and-dropped into a Ticket
    • Only the “reply” area of an opened ticket may have files dragged into it
      • This resolves an issue where dragging a file into the Ticket when the “reply” tab is not currently shown would upload the file to the “hidden” tab with no visual confirmation
  • UI Improvements
    • Reply UI designed to require less scrolling on mobile
    • Better on-screen notifications for changes occurring
    • Contextual messaging for “special” Tickets
    • New “Ticket status” icon / area added to page header

External Access

  • Standardised “External Access” model created
  • Supports two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Logging of successful/failed accesses added
  • Currently used for Usage Questionnaire, but will be used in new Portal functionality added in late 2021

Usage Questionnaire

  • Submitted Usage Questionnaires can be discussed with QuantityWare within the Portal
    • This is using the new External Access system, alongside the new Conversations system
  • Questionnaires can be reopened for editing (rather than requiring a replacement Questionnaire to be submitted)
  • Questionnaires can be confirmed without first assigning to a Portal Customer

General Enhancements

  • Various QW Team functionality added
  • Code cleanup
  • Bug fixes

v5.2.0 (2020-12-01)

Ticket Auto-Closure Display

  • Added the date of the automatic closure of a Ticket to the Ticket Overview

v5.1.0 (2020-11-21)

Usage Key Extensions

  • Enhanced the self-performed emergency Usage Key extension logic with a clearer, more consistent policy
  • Added an “Emergency Extension Ticket” so Contacts who have already performed an emergency Usage Key extension can request a further extension from QuantityWare

General Enhancements

  • Clearer messaging for Agreement / Usage Key expiries
  • Various QW Team functionality added
  • Code cleanup
  • Bug fixes

v5.0.0 (2020-10-24)

New Contacts Manager

The Contacts Manager has been redesigned, and provides the following improvements:

  • New UI
    • Contact Roles are shown in a grid, with rows as columns, and Contacts as rows
    • In most cases, all Contacts can be viewed without scrolling on page load
    • Each Contact can be “expanded” to allow their Customer Contact information to be viewed/edited, and to view more details of their selected Roles
    • Mobile support has been enhanced for an easier experience
  • Simplified Role selection
    • To add/remove a Role to/from a Contact, just select the appropriate check box for that Role and Contact
    • For each Contact, Roles are now shown as a list of check boxes
  • Simplified Contact data entry
    • Contact details are now stored at Customer, not Role, level
    • This makes data entry / maintenance easier, and permits the simplified Role selection above
  • Enhanced feedback
    • Data validation occurs as you edit Contacts, so issues are easier to catch
    • Changes are highlighted as you edit Contacts, to help catch any mistakes prior to saving
    • The number of Contacts assigned to each Role is displayed at the top of each Role column
    • Required roles (for which at least one Contact must be assigned) are clearly displayed, and show in error if no Contacts are assigned
  • On-screen help
    • An information icon is shown on each Role column, which when selected will display information about the Role, including:
      • Contact’s responsibilities
      • Portal permissions granted
      • Automated expiry/reminder emails recieved
    • An information icon is shown in each Contact’s expanded details, which when selected will display a list of all Roles’ information

General Enhancements

  • “Saved changes successfully” notifications appear as pop-ups to help reduce scrolling
  • Reminders page has been modified to support new Contacts Manager system
  • Various QW Team functionality added
  • Roles/permissions system enhancements
  • Code cleanup
  • Bug fixes

v4.15.0 (2020-07-24)

Ticket Priority Changes

General Enhancements

  • Portal status monitoring added
  • Bug fixes

v4.14.0 (2020-07-24)

Usage Key Terminology

To accurately reflect the nature of the agreements between QuantityWare and our customers, the following changes have been made:

  • Licenses are now named “Usage Keys” throughout the Portal.
  • License Questionnaire is now named “Usage Questionnaire”
  • Test License Request Form is now named “Test Usage Key Request” (TUKR)

General Enhancements

  • Bug fixes and UI tweaks

v4.13.0 (2020-05-26)

Security Enhancements

  • Portal accounts are now suspended after consecutive failed logins, requring an unsuspension request to restore access
  • Portal users are emailed if a failed login occurs against their account
  • Password requirements enhanced
  • ReCaptcha v3 (with fall-back to v2) added to login screen

Contact Titles

  • New Portal accounts now require a title (e.g. “Mr”, “Mrs”, “Mx”)
  • This is visible within the Contacts Manager and within tickets, further enhancing our customer communications
  • Existing Portal user may select a title for their account via the “My Profile” screen

General Enhancements

  • Login screen UI improvements
  • QW-raised tickets for a customer may now be closed by that customer’s users
  • Improvements to messaging clarity
  • Various QW Team functionality added
  • Several bug fixes and performance tweaks

v4.12.0 (2020-03-06)

General Enhancements

  • Dashboard tweaks to allow resizing of button grid
  • Various QW Team functionality added
  • Several bug fixes and performance tweaks

v4.11.0 (2020-02-07)

Improved Alerts and Messaging

  • Added post-login alert popups
  • These alerts can related to actions required for a customer, or informational messages from QuantityWare
  • This provides better visibility to upcoming issues, allowing faster resolution of issues

Confidential Replies

  • Added ability to mark a ticket reply as containing confidential information
  • This prevents the reply contents being added to that ticket’s notification emails (e.g. “New Comment Added” or “Ticket Assigned To You”)

Login Security

  • Changing an account’s primary email / user name now requires approval from QuantityWare
  • This is to protect against fraud, preventing the unauthorised transfer of a Portal account from one person to another

Separation of Duties

  • Contacts Manager now recommends that customer roles are shared across at least two people


  • Improvements to “Content Template” functionality for QW Team
  • Various other QW Team functionality added
  • Bug fixes

v4.10.0 (2019-11-23)

Usage (License) Questionnaire

  • Added new “online” Questionnaire processing
  • This allows for secure online submission, approval/rejection and processing of Questionnaires

Help Improvements

  • Added a link to a relevant page on the QWiki Portal Guide from each page of the Portal, via a new “Help” icon in the footer bar
  • Added a link to the FAQs from the Support menu
  • Display useful information when raising certain ticket types, to help with speed of processing tickets

Ticket Auto-Closure

  • Tickets of certain categories will now automatically close after long periods of inactivity
  • A week prior to closure, warning emails will be sent out in case a user wishes to keep a ticket open
  • Optionally, tickets can be flagged to “remain open”
  • If closed, tickets can be opened by replying to them

First / Last Name Split

  • Contact names are now split into first and last name(s) to aid our communications with our users

Session restrictions

  • Users may only be logged in from one location at a time
  • This helps secure our users’ accounts, and prevents misuse

Editor Upgrade

  • Upgraded the editor from TinyMCE 4 to TinyMCE 5

UI Improvements

  • Replaced standard browser pop up dialogs with custom, more flexible dialogs
  • This allows for:
    • Text styling in popups for better clarity
    • Context-specific buttons (e.g. “Submit”/”Safe Draft” vs “Ok”/”Cancel”)
    • “Theming” of the popup to clearly differentiate questions, warnings and issues

Contact Change Ticket History

  • Changes activated in Contact Changes tickets are now visible in closed Contact Changes tickets
  • This makes it clear to users and the QW Team as to which changes were made


  • Beta “Content Template” functionality added for QW Team
  • Various other QW Team functionality added
  • Bug fixes

v4.9.0 (2019-07-09)

File Integrity / Checksums

  • For added security, checksums are now added for all new/existing files on the Portal:
    • Ticket attachments
    • DataLounge downloads
    • Training files
  • These are generated when first uploading a file to the Portal.
  • To use the checksum functionality:
    • Copy the checksum to the clipboard by clicking the “checksum” icon by any file.
    • Download the file.
    • Generate a checksum with third party software based on the file.
    • Compare the checksums – if they match, the file has not been modified since QW / a contact uploaded the file to the Portal.
  • Algorithm used: SHA-512


  • Bug fixes

v4.8.0 (2019-07-09)

General Enhancements

  • Various bug fixes and performance tweaks

v4.7.0 (2019-06-26)

Ticket History

  • Improved look and feel of Ticket History
    • Easier identification of comments from a contact, a contacts’ colleages and QW
    • Icons to clearly show different action types
    • Original ticket description added to start of ticket history
    • Comments-only history added to below “Reply” text area

Software Ticket Type

  • Added “General / Software” ticket type, for general, non-technical queries regarding the QuantityWare software


  • Bug fixes

v4.6.0 (2019-04-03)

Performance Enhancements

  • Dramatically improved the performance across the Portal (specifically on the ticket list and in processing of certain ticket types)


  • Internal enhancements to Tech Notes
  • Internal bug fixes

v4.5.0 (2019-03-30)

Ticket Locking Enhancements

  • Major improvements to Ticket Locking, allowing for near-instant unlocking and allowing those viewing a “locked” ticket to edit it as soon as it’s unlocked
  • Added “View Mode” to tickets to allow a user to view a ticket without locking it:
    • Accessed from the Ticket List by right-clicking a ticket and selecting “View Ticket”
    • View-by-default is enabled by clicking the pencil icon to the top right of the ticket list and selecting “View by default”

Other Ticket Improvements

  • Ticket list columns combined and reordered for a cleaner, clearer list.
  • Ticket list dates modified to show updated/raised dates in a “friendlier” format
  • Ticket list attachments indicator / filter added
  • Ticket list rows per page / refresh time integrated into main list (separate filters section removed) with instant-update (no page refresh required)
  • Closed tickets are automatically reopened if replied to

Portal Issue Ticket

  • A new ticket type, “Portal Issues” has been added
  • Use this ticket to report any issues found with the Portal so we can act on them quickly

Systems / Installations

  • Systems Manager / TLRF updated to support client-restricted installations:
    • On these installations, BCS usage keys are provided for single clients on system, rather than for every client on a system
    • Client-restricted installations are useful for those customers running QuantityWare on an installation shared with other companies
    • Default to non-client-restricted, as in most cases this restriction is not required / desired
  • System name is now required for new systems added on the Systems Manager


  • SMS notifications functionality added for QW Team (internal testing)
  • Internal bug fixes

v4.4.0 (2019-01-29)


  • Updated data protection notice on TLRF to link to full privacy policy page


  • Minor UI tweaks for Customer alerts
  • Improved ticket lock/unlock functionality (to better remove locks on browser close)
  • Bug fixes

v4.3.0 (2018-12-14)

Usage (License) Questionnaire

  • BCP / CTP Condensate added to Questionnaire
  • This allows Customers to select BCG / CTG on the Questionnaire and, if required, have BCP Condensate automatically added to their configuration
  • BCP / CTP Condensate is an affordable, customised version of the full BCP / CTP solution, which focused solely on Condensate products, and very useful if a Customer only processes gas products and condensate (which acts and is classed as a liquid)
  • Improved Questionnaire PDF output / support for all UTF8 characters


  • Bug fixes

v4.2.0 (2018-11-28)

Training Courses

  • Added interactive Training Courses / training documentation downloads to DataLounge (for Certified Consultant course participants)

File Downloads

  • Support all file names with spaces in all browsers (resolving Firefox issue)

BCS / SAP Versions

  • Added selection of “SAP Version” to the Test Usage Key Request (Test License Request Form), which helps set the appropriate BCS version for which to provide downloads for new Customers

System Usage Keys

  • In the Systems Manager, only show Usage Keys that’re still valid (i.e. hide expired Keys)


  • Bug fixes

v4.1.0 (2018-10-09)

SAP Versions

  • Added SAP Version selection to Test Usage Key Request (Test License Request Form)
  • Depending on the SAP Version specified, the matching BCS Software level is automatically selected for a Customer to ensure the appropriate set of software updates is displayed in the DataLounge

v4.0.0 (2018-10-01)

Automatic Usage Key Generation

  • When you add one or more BCP or BCG systems via the Systems Manager, a QuantityWare usage key is instantly generated as soon as you save your changes
  • This is a major change, which streamlines systems maintenance for everyone. Read More

Tabbed Interface

  • Provides fast and easy access to information within the Portal by splitting up the content of each screen into logical tabs

Systems Manager Improvements

  • Systems are displayed as “summary rows”, which when clicked expand into further details
  • Provides “at a glance” overview of all systems


  • UI / error feedback improvements
  • Bug fixes

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