v4.12.0 (2020-03-06)

General Enhancements

  • Dashboard tweaks to allow resizing of button grid
  • Various QW Team functionality added
  • Several bug fixes and performance tweaks.

v4.11.0 (2020-02-07)

Improved Alerts and Messaging

  • Added post-login alert popups
  • These alerts can related to actions required for a customer, or informational messages from QuantityWare
  • This provides better visibility to upcoming issues, allowing faster resolution of issues

Confidential Replies

  • Added ability to mark a ticket reply as containing confidential information
  • This prevents the reply contents being added to that ticket’s notification emails (e.g. “New Comment Added” or “Ticket Assigned To You”)

Login Security

  • Changing an account’s primary email / user name now requires approval from QuantityWare
  • This is to protect against fraud, preventing the unauthorised transfer of a Portal account from one person to another

Separation of Duties

  • Contacts Manager now recommends that customer roles are shared across at least two people


  • Improvements to “Content Template” functionality for QW Team
  • Various other QW Team functionality added
  • Bug fixes

v4.10.0 (2019-11-23)

License Questionnaire

  • Added new “online” License Questionnaire processing
  • This allows for secure online submission, approval/rejection and processing of License Questionnaires

Help Improvements

  • Added a link to a relevant page on the QWiki Portal Guide from each page of the Portal, via a new “Help” icon in the footer bar
  • Added a link to the FAQs from the Support menu
  • Display useful information when raising certain ticket types, to help with speed of processing tickets

Ticket Auto-Closure

  • Tickets of certain categories will now automatically close after long periods of inactivity
  • A week prior to closure, warning emails will be sent out in case a user wishes to keep a ticket open
  • Optionally, tickets can be flagged to “remain open”
  • If closed, tickets can be opened by replying to them

First / Last Name Split

  • Contact names are now split into first and last name(s) to aid our communications with our users

Session restrictions

  • Users may only be logged in from one location at a time
  • This helps secure our users’ accounts, and prevents misuse

Editor Upgrade

  • Upgraded the editor from TinyMCE 4 to TinyMCE 5

UI Improvements

  • Replaced standard browser pop up dialogs with custom, more flexible dialogs
  • This allows for:
    • Text styling in popups for better clarity
    • Context-specific buttons (e.g. “Submit”/”Safe Draft” vs “Ok”/”Cancel”)
    • “Theming” of the popup to clearly differentiate questions, warnings and issues

Contact Change Ticket History

  • Changes activated in Contact Changes tickets are now visible in closed Contact Changes tickets
  • This makes it clear to users and the QW Team as to which changes were made


  • Beta “Content Template” functionality added for QW Team
  • Various other QW Team functionality added
  • Bug fixes

v4.9.0 (2019-07-09)

File Integrity / Checksums

  • For added security, checksums are now added for all new/existing files on the Portal:
    • Ticket attachments
    • DataLounge downloads
    • Training files
  • These are generated when first uploading a file to the Portal.
  • To use the checksum functionality:
    • Copy the checksum to the clipboard by clicking the “checksum” icon by any file.
    • Download the file.
    • Generate a checksum with third party software based on the file.
    • Compare the checksums – if they match, the file has not been modified since QW / a contact uploaded the file to the Portal.
  • Algorithm used: SHA-512


  • Bug fixes.

v4.8.0 (2019-07-09)

General Enhancements

  • Various bug fixes and performance tweaks.

v4.7.0 (2019-06-26)

Ticket History

  • Improved look and feel of Ticket History
    • Easier identification of comments from a contact, a contacts’ colleages and QW
    • Icons to clearly show different action types
    • Original ticket description added to start of ticket history
    • Comments-only history added to below “Reply” text area

Software Ticket Type

  • Added “General / Software” ticket type, for general, non-technical queries regarding the QuantityWare software.


  • Bug fixes.

v4.6.0 (2019-04-03)

Performance Enhancements

  • Dramatically improved the performance across the Portal (specifically on the ticket list and in processing of certain ticket types).


  • Internal enhancements to Tech Notes.
  • Internal bug fixes.

v4.5.0 (2019-03-30)

Ticket Locking Enhancements

  • Major improvements to Ticket Locking, allowing for near-instant unlocking and allowing those viewing a “locked” ticket to edit it as soon as it’s unlocked.
  • Added “View Mode” to tickets to allow a user to view a ticket without locking it:
    • Accessed from the Ticket List by right-clicking a ticket and selecting “View Ticket”.
    • View-by-default is enabled by clicking the pencil icon to the top right of the ticket list and selecting “View by default”.

Other Ticket Improvements

  • Ticket list columns combined and reordered for a cleaner, clearer list.
  • Ticket list dates modified to show updated/raised dates in a “friendlier” format.
  • Ticket list attachments indicator / filter added.
  • Ticket list rows per page / refresh time integrated into main list (separate filters section removed) with instant-update (no page refresh required)
  • Closed tickets are automatically reopened if replied to.

Portal Issue Ticket

  • A new ticket type, “Portal Issues” has been added.
  • Use this ticket to report any issues found with the Portal so we can act on them quickly.

Systems / Installations

  • Systems Manager / TLRF updated to support client-restricted installations:
    • On these installations, BCS licenses are provided for single clients on  system, rather than for every client on a system.
    • Client-restricted installations are useful for those customers running QuantityWare on an installation shared with other companies.
    • Default to non-client-restricted, as in most cases this restriction is not required / desired.
  • System name is now required for new systems added on the Systems Manager.


  • SMS notifications functionality added for QW Team (internal testing)
  • Internal bug fixes.

v4.4.0 (2019-01-29)


  • Updated data protection notice on TLRF to link to full privacy policy page.


  • Minor UI tweaks for Customer alerts.
  • Improved ticket lock/unlock functionality (to better remove locks on browser close).
  • Bug fixes

v4.3.0 (2018-12-14)

License Questionnaire

  • BCP / CTP Condensate added to License Questionnaire!
  • This allows Customers to select BCG / CTG on the Questionnaire and, if required, have BCP Condensate automatically added to their configuration.
  • BCP / CTP Condensate is an affordable, customised version of the full BCP / CTP solution, which focused solely on Condensate products, and very useful if a Customer only processes gas products and condensate (which acts and is classed as a liquid).
  • Improved License Questionnaire PDF output / support for all UTF8 characters.


  • Bug fixes

v4.2.0 (2018-11-28)

Training Courses

  • Added interactive Training Courses / training documentation downloads to DataLounge (for Certified Consultant course participants).

File Downloads

  • Support all file names with spaces in all browsers (resolving Firefox issue)

BCS / SAP Versions

  • Added selection of “SAP Version” to the Test License Request Form (TLRF), which helps set the appropriate BCS version for which to provide downloads for new Customers.

System License Keys

  • In the Systems Manager, only show License Keys that’re still valid (i.e. hide expired Keys)


  • Bug fixes.

v4.1.0 (2018-10-09)

SAP Versions

  • Added SAP Version selection to Test License Request Form (TLRF).
  • Depending on the SAP Version specified, the matching BCS Software level is automatically selected for a Customer to ensure the appropriate set of software updates is displayed in the DataLounge.

v4.0.0 (2018-10-01)

Automatic License Key Generation

  • When you add one or more BCP or BCG systems via the Systems Manager, a QuantityWare license key is instantly generated as soon as you save your changes.
  • This is a major change, which streamlines systems maintenance for everyone. Read More.

Tabbed Interface

  • Provides fast and easy access to information within the Portal by splitting up the content of each screen into logical tabs.

Systems Manager Improvements

  • Systems are displayed as “summary rows”, which when clicked expand into further details.
  • Provides “at a glance” overview of all systems.


  • UI / error feedback improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

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