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Does QuantityWare BCG support hydrogen quantity conversions?

Due to strong industry demand, QuantityWare has defined a development strategy for 100% hydrogen quantity conversions, which is published in note 000106. See the BCS Supported Products Manual for this new product support.

Read the FAQ for natural gas / hydrogen mixtures for support of natural gas – hydrogen mixtures, which are also supported.

The first release of a 100% high pressure hydrogen quantity conversion solution – as part of QuantityWare BCG 3.0 – has been delivered as an Advanced Development (AD) with note 000100 in July 2022, with an accompanying working paper “Hydrogen High Pressure Quantity Conversions”:

Also, a straightforward low pressure hydrogen ideal gas approach – available to all BCG 3.0 customers as well – may be sufficient for your SAP ERP logistics business processes for hydrogen:

If you only require data capture and conversions of low pressure hydrogen volumes, masses (and energies), you may consider utilizing a BCG ideal gas low pressure MQCI conversion group. Then you just require the hydrogen density (and heating value) for the ideal gas calculations.

If you have installed BCS 30A CSP02 or BCS 30B CSP01 (released September 2021) – simply select conversion group QVFY from your BCG template client 045:

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