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How do we assign a QuantityWare Certified Consultant to our QuantityWare service portal presence?

All QuantityWare Certified Consultants (QWCCs) have a QuantityWare service portal user. If assignment is required, a customer user with either the portal “Manager” or “Cust. Admin.” role (the two roles that allow customer user maintenance within the portal) should open a “Portal Issue” ticket requesting the assignment of the QWCC to the customer.

Once QuantityWare portal administrators have confirmed this assignation with the QWCC concerned, the QWCC will be assigned as requested.

This will allow the consultant to rise / view / edit the following customer ticket types:

  • Calculation Issue
  • Development
  • General Software
  • General Non-Software
  • Installation / Technical
  • Portal Issue
  • Security

After the QWCC has ceased to work with the customer, the customer must raise another “Portal Issue” ticket to request removal of the QWCC assignment.

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