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I need to change the conversion group in the material master. Is this possible?

Changing the conversion group in the material master – also in production – is supported by SAP since ERP Release 4.6B.  You simply have to observe the general rule, that an HPM material (for which stock levels are posted in parallel in several  UoM – which are defined in the UoM group) cannot be changed to be a standard material and vice versa. This means, that you cannot remove a conversion group completely (i.e. leaving the entry field blank), once assigned and material documents have been posted.

If the product type of the new conversion group changes, you will receive a warning message:

In general, changing the conversion group will lead to different quantity values during calculations, and should only be necessary if e.g. a measurement standard change is required by regulatory bodies; thus, clear communication to all stake holders is strongly recommended.


  • The  UoM group cannot be changed once stock has been posted in SAP ECC systems.
  • In SAP S/4HANA systems, the UoM group can be extended with new UoM, also in production – however, that requires special SAP report tools and experienced HPM consultancy support – read the UoM Group Change FAQ for additional information.

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