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I require a new UoM which is not defined in the QuantityWare template. What can I do?

The creation of a new Unit of Measure (UoM) is done via SAP transaction CUNI. The most important step is to identify the correct dimension (DIMID) to which the UoM shall belong.


Unit of measure(UoM) L/mm (Liter per mm) is required in my project. How can I define this UoM?

1. Go to transaction CUNI, select the appropriate dimension – here volume per height – You may create new UoM for any existing dimension; just ensure that the new UoM key does not already exist in any client where the new UoM is required!

2. Inspect existing UoM: L / mm is apparently not defined:

3. Calculate conversion factor from SI unit m³ / m (cubic meter per meter):         Calculation:

1 L/ mm = 0.001 m³ / mm = 0.001 m³ / 0.001 m = 1 m³ / m, thus the conversion factor is 1 (one).

4. Copy and replace with new key:

5. Display new UoM after “Save” with already existing UoM in that dimension:

6. Perform test calculation to ensure that the conversion factor to the SI UoM is correctly defined:


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