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What are the reasons and benefits for the engagement of a QuantityWare Certified Consultant?

QuantityWare has defined itself to be a software company, for this reason we offer no direct consulting services; however we are aware that the area of quantity conversions, when using SAP Oil, Gas, and Energy (SAP OG&E) bulk materials, is fundamental, complex and often subject to business-specific requirements.

For this reason we work with QuantityWare Certified Consultants (QWCCs) – a list of which is provided on our website here. The QWCC training is open to all suitably qualified and experienced personnel, thus customers also have the option to send their own staff for certification.

For every implementation we strongly recommend, that customers use the services of a QWCC. In some cases (complex implementations), we currently explicitly request the customer to use a QWCC, in future this will become a requirement to help realize the following benefits:

  1. Attempting to support customers to avoid fundamental issues in configuration / customizing that can cause extensive cost and effort later in their system life cycle.
  2. The customer can leverage existing highly specialized QWCC knowledge and experience.
  3. All QWCCs have the ability to directly contact the QuantityWare development and technical team via a form of portal ticket exclusively available to QWCCs.
  4. QWCCs are experienced in assessing issues, gathering information and communicating with QuantityWare – streamlining issue processing.

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