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What is the QuantityWare support procedure concerning “Calculation Issue” tickets?

If you encounter a SAP QCI or MQCI related error message during a BCS implementation project, or if you question a calculation result, you can communicate the issue via the QuantityWare Service Portal to the QuantityWare support team, by raising a ticket with the ticket category “Calculation Issue” .

The QuantityWare support procedure for such tickets is defined in the QuantityWare Remote Support Manual – (page 7). Therein, you are asked to fill out a calculation issue questionnaire.
Note 000052 provides additional technical details for this procedure. Note 000073 provides all information concerning the automated test scenarios, that need to be defined & created during the implementation phase of QuantityWare BCS.

Read the Support Service Priority Definition Manual – page 11 – Calculation Issue – for additional details.

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