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Where do I set the decimal places for a UoM?

For each UoM, you define the number of decimal places (for display). Data input and display of result parameters is restricted to that number of decimals.

Within the QCI, input parameter numbers for quantity values of densities, temperatures, pressures etc. are restricted to that number of decimals.

Note: For rounding of calculation results, you define additional real rounding settings.


You wish to define the maximum number of decimals for UoM ton per cubic meter – t/m³:

This setting is made via SAP transaction CUNI. Select the dimenison ID (DIMID) for that UoM – here: “density”:

Select the UoM – here TOM (t/m³)

and navigate to the details screen:

The “Decimal places” field (here set to 6) defines the input/display decimal setting for a UoM. It does not activate real rounding of quantity values!
NOTE: The “Decimal pl. rounding” field is NOT used within the SAP QCI and should always be set to ” “.

For real rounding of quantity values, read the rounding FAQ.

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