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I have set my quantity value UoM L15 and KG to be rounded to zero decimals, but it is not working. What can I do?

The UoM real rounding settings are considered for all MQCI conversion groups (where rounding function


is assigned). To define the real rounding for a UoM, go to the PMC and navigate to: More -> Goto -> UoM Rounding:

and maintain the number of decimals for your UoM that shall be rounded accordingly.

NOTE: In the main UoM transaction CUNI, you define the number of display decimals for your UoM only. Thus, if you e.g. set the display UoM decimals in CUNI to 1, but do not define real rounding to 1 decimal for a specific UoM, your quantity values are posted without rounding to the database.

Ensure that you are not using a SAP QCI conversion group – then you will have to write your specific ABAP rounding code in SAP QCI BAdI Implementations.

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