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The activation of the QCI default transaction is not possible in customizing, a table entry is missing – what can I do?

You want to activate the latest QCI default transaction. The activation using the proper customizing transaction is impossible. No entry is displayed. What went wrong?

  1. This issue is described in detail in SAP Note 308022 – FAQ: QCI – Quantity Conversion Interface, Point 6.
  2. Additional information is provided in SAP Note 545432.

The activation requires that exactly 1 (one) database entry in SAP table OIB_DEF is present in the system in your client. Follow the instructions provided in these two SAP notes. If your QuantityWare Template Client 045 has been built from a copy of SAP Client 000, the entry is also available in client 045. Then you may simply include that entry in client 045 into a customizing transport and move it into other relevant clients where it is missing.

You find the entry in the QuantityWare IMG as displayed below:

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